The Beau-Rock Ballet School is affiliated with the Southern Federation of Dance which offers progressive, up-to-date and examinable Jazz, Tap and Classical syllabi designed to develop musicality and quality of performance.

Each syllabus is challenging, stimulating and allows teachers to build on their student’s skills and sustain their interest in their chosen style of dance.

The sequential training system has been developed in Australia and incorporates the safest dance principles. By providing optimal outcomes for all students, each individual is able to achieve his or her best. 

Classical Ballet

  • Preschool Ballet for 2-5 year olds - More Information
  • SFD Levels 1-7 plus majors: Pre-Elementary, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Open classes for seniors
  • Builds a disciplined technical base
  • Nurtures individual artistic expression
  • RAD syllabus offered for enhancement and variety at senior levels
  • Students prepared for classical solos/troupes for eisteddods


  • Beginner Jazz for younger students
  • SFD Levels 1-10
  • Open classes for seniors
  • Each level includes a routine choreographed by the teacher
  • Regular updates to reflect the latest musical trends and dance techniques
  • Variety of sub-styles including modern, funk and theatrical
  • Open Jazz classes for senior students
  • Dance Fusion (multiple style, examinable syllabus) sometimes offered as an alternative pathway for students without a classical background or as an intermediate year between levels
  • Students prepared for Jazz solos, duo/trios and troupes for

Our beginner Jazz class on Saturday mornings is for our younger students. The class aims to prepare students for Level 1 jazz in future years.


  • Levels 1-10
  • Each level includes a routine choreographed by the teacher
  • Develops a high level of proficiency
  • Uses a wide variety of music from past eras to present day
  • Open Tap classes for senior students
  • Students prepared for Tap solos, duo/trios and troupes for eisteddfods
  • Junior Tap class for younger students


  • Junior Open class
  • Guest Teachers

The Beau-Rock Ballet School is well known for infusing a strong contemporary style into our teaching. Students taking part in Production classes are introduced to this style from an early age and their learning can be further enhanced by attending open classes and entering eisteddfods. Our end of year showcase also takes on a strong Contemporary focus.

Performance - Productions Classes (Troupes)

We offer Production Classes to all students studying classical ballet to help strengthen stage performance skills and technique. There are five age blocked classes - 8yrs & Under (Tiny Troupe), 10yrs & Under (Beginner Production), 13yrs & Under (Junior Production), 17yrs & Under (Intermediate Production) and Open Age (Senior Production).  Students elect to participate - we do not select students for these classes and there are no auditions. The Production Classes develop troupe and gala performance works throughout the year.

There is often a strong Contemporary and Lyrical focus to these classes with Jazz as a secondary style. Students must be available for several competitions and eisteddfods throughout the year.

Please complete the online forms to register for these classes (current students only).



We hold Acrobatics workshops for all students. These are optional classes in a safe environment with a qualified acrobatics coach. We do not believe students need ‘tricks’ in their repertoire of dance skills, however we acknowledge that many young dancers want to enhance their training and we prefer to offer these structured workshops to ensure they learn how to do so safely.

Commercial Styles

Our guest teacher program is aimed at students 14 years and over. These classes provide an opportunity to study a wide variety of commercial styles and genres with industry professionals and experienced guest teachers.

Styles may include: Hip-Hop, Commercial Jazz, Broadway Jazz, Cheerleading, Musical Theatre, Lyrical/Contemporary and others.